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Jak zgłosić potencjalnie nieautoryzowany przelew?

Secure your account

If you suspect you’ve made a transfer to a fraudster, here’s what you can do:

  • Block the merchant or recipient you suspect is fraudulent — ceasing communication is essential
  • Contact the financial institution where your account is held. If it's Revolut, please contact us immediately via the in-app chat or email
  • Notify the police

Cancel or report the transfer

  1. Select the transfer in question from your transaction history
  2. For transfers to a non-Revolut account, check the transfers tracker after tapping on the transfer in question, to see if it can be cancelled
  3. Otherwise tap 'Get help'
  4. Tap 'Report this transfer as fraud'

If you suspect you've made a fraudulent card payment, you can refer to this page for troubleshooting steps.