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Copilul meu își poate crea direct contul Revolut <18?

As a parent, you can create a Revolut <18 account for your child directly, as long as they are between 6–17 years old. If your child is above the country-specific age shown below, called the local 'Digital Age of Consent', they can instead start the sign-up process from the Revolut <18 app (Self Sign-up). However, they'll still need to get your approval to activate their account.

If your child follows the Self Sign-up process, you can find the activation link in the invitation sent from your child, or the 'To-do' section below your main account balance. The first parent to activate becomes the 'Lead'/'Admin' parent, and your child can’t access any financial features until approval.

If your child's Revolut account isn't approved after 60 days, the request will be removed and we'll delete the account.

If the personal details your child has provided in the Self Sign-up flow are incorrect, you can decline their account activation request, and instead create a new <18 account for them directly in your own app.

The type of Revolut <18 account created will be the same no matter which method you use.

Check the Digital Age of Consent by region below

  • 13+ in Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Gibraltar, Iceland, Latvia, Malta, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States
  • 14+ in Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, Italy, Lithuania, Spain
  • 15+ in Australia, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Slovenia
  • 16+ in Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Poland, Romania, Slovakia