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What are Expenses?

Expenses allows you to capture receipts, categorise, and reconcile all your business expenses all in one place, so you save time on your admin! Features include:

For team members

  • Attach a receipt to your expense – simply snap a photo, upload a file, or even forward an email
  • Auto-match digital receipts attached to the corresponding expense
  • Add a description, category, and labels so you can group expenses together
  • Auto-categorise repeat expenses to the same merchant or counterparty
  • If you have any outstanding actions required for expenses, get automated reminders via push and email notifications
  • Record out-of-pocket expenses

For admin

  • Track all outbound transactions from your Business account, including direct debits and bank transfers
  • Review and approve expenses in a click
  • Download transaction data and expenses information as a CSV file with receipt attachments
  • Sync directly with an accounting software like Xero
  • Customise expense categories and tax rates
  • Create expense labels (for example, by project or location) to map expenses to your bookkeeping