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Co je okamžitá platba SEPA?

SEPA Instant lets you send and receive EUR transfers within seconds — within the SEPA region — free of fees from Revolut. You can double-check with your bank if fees apply from their side. You don't need to turn on SEPA instant transfers within your Revolut account. Your account is already enabled to both receive and send this type of transfer automatically.

What banks are supported?

SEPA Instant isn't supported by all European banks. Check out this page for a full list of supported banks.

Even if your external bank supports SEPA Instant transfers, your account may not be enabled to receive Instant transfers, including transfers from Revolut. Contact your bank to make sure your account is set up to receive Instant transfers. 

My transfer wasn't executed via SEPA Instant

Even if both banks (sending and receiving) participate in the Instant scheme, the transfer might still get routed through the standard SEPA route. It can happen due to daily limits on Instant transfers imposed by certain banks, momentary downtime of the Instant scheme, or even a technical issue on the side of the receiving bank. If SEPA Instant isn't available, your transfer will be processed as SEPA Credit Transfer, which may take up to 2 working days.