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My top-up by card failed

To check the reason of your failed top-up, go to transactions' section, open your top-up attempt, tap 'Get help' and select your problem to see the exact reason.

The most common reasons are:

  • Due to 3D secure - ensure you have good internet connection, your app is updated to the latest version, and try to top up again. If it fails, contact the 'Card Payment' division of your bank to check if they're currently experiencing any issues with 3D secure authentication, and if 3D secure is enabled.
  • Due to AVS address mismatch - ensure the postcode of your card's billing address in your bank matches the one provided in Revolut app. You can update it in 'Top-up' section → press 'edit' → tap on 'i' → edit the Billing postal/ZIP code. If the address is matching, please provide us a screenshot of your bank statement showing the last card top-up (with matching card confirmation code) done to your Revolut account.
  • Due to insufficient funds - if you have enough funds, contact your bank directly to clarify this issue, as it can't be fixed on our side.
  • Due to unsupported card.
  • Due to the bank declining the transaction - contact the 'Card Payment' division of your bank and explain that you authorise transactions to Revolut to lift the limitations off your card.

👉 You can always try to add money via different top-up method: Apple/Google Pay (3D secure verification not required), bank transfer or another bank card.