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What happens if my joint account balance goes negative?

In some instances, your account balance might drop below zero.

This can happen for a number of reasons, including:

  • A card transaction that you did not authorise.
  • A ‘delayed’ card payment (if for some reason the merchant had trouble processing the transaction for the first time, perhaps due to connection issues).
  • Fees for services.

We will notify you following a negative balance

Also allow you up to seven business days to add money. After that, we’ll will attempt to correct the balance automatically by:

  • Moving funds from your or the other account holder’s personal Revolut accounts
  • Adding money from your or the other account holder's stored card, in accordance with Revolut's Terms & Conditions.

We will not use the money in your joint account to offset an amount owed to us on your personal account. This is because if one joint account holder owes us money on their personal account for example, it wouldn’t be right for us to take the amount from the joint account that they hold with another person who is not named on the personal account and is not responsible for the debt.

In case the reason for your negative balance is a card transaction that you did not authorise, please check the article 'I was not supposed to be charged by a specific merchant'.