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What account details are available for my Revolut Business account?

All customers registered within the EEA have access to details for the following:

  • GBP local account: sort code and account number
  • EUR local account: LT IBAN for domestic transfers within the EEA
  • SWIFT account: for international transfers in all supported currencies

If you're a French customer, you have an option to convert to the French Bank Branch and have access to a FR local account with a FR IBAN for domestic transfers within the EU.

Once you are migrated to the French branch, and you get your FR IBAN, your old LT IBAN will still be active for a 1 month to allow you to update your new IBAN details wherever necessary. However, once the 1-month period is over, your LT IBAN will be removed.

To find these details in-app, please check out this guide.