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Exchange rate for my fiat currency exchange is wrong

Exchange rates are determined based on the foreign exchange market data feeds that we get from a range of different independent sources.

Depending on your plan, you'll have a monthly allowance of exchanges without Revolut fees, and a fee per transaction for exceeding these limits, the allowances, and fees are as follows:

  • Standard & Plus: 1 000 € and a fee of 1% when exceeded.
  • Metal & Ultra: Unlimited exchange allowance.

These allowances will reset in a rolling month basis, meaning that the limit will reset on the day your account was created or when a change of plan occurred. To verify your current allowance and when it's going to reset, please visit the 'Plan' section in your profile.

Additionally, we charge a 1% fee per exchange during the weekends (between 5PM New York time on Friday and 6PM New York time on Sunday) This fee will be applied regardless of your plan.

The rate and potential fees can be reviewed before completing an exchange from the app or when making a transfer.

Check our Terms & Conditions for a full breakdown of your fees.