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What are Pockets?


Pockets are short-term money management tools that can simplify managing your expenses.

How to create a Pocket:

  1. Go to Home on the bottom menu
  2. Tap 'Accounts' below your balance
  3. Tap '+ Add new'
  4. Tap 'Pockets'
  5. Choose your Pocket type and follow the on-screen instructions

Personal Pockets 

With a personal Pocket, you can save for a personal goal. It could be anything from your rent, to a new car, or your food shop.

Group Pockets

With a Group Pocket, you can save together with friends for a common goal. Think of a holiday with friends or covering the tab for your next meal together. 

Bill Pockets

With a Bill Pocket, you can put money aside from your main account for specific purposes, such as bills and subscriptions. You can set up Direct Debits to be taken directly from your Bill Pockets, so there’s one less thing for you to remember.