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Withdrawing in other currencies

Can I withdraw cash in other currencies?

You can use your Revolut card at almost any ATM to withdraw the local currency. Cash withdrawals are limited to £3,000 or equivalent within 24 hours.

You do not have to convert the money before you withdraw, but you are subject to fees.

When withdrawing a foreign currency, you will likely be asked about conversion. We always recommend declining the conversion, because Revolut will convert the money for you.

Fees for withdrawals in other currencies

Whether you convert money before you withdraw or if we convert it for you at the time of the withdrawal, you are subject to currency exchange fees. Exchange fees will apply during the week if you exceed your fair usage allowance and always outside foreign exchange market hours. 

Exchange fees

Your fair usage allowance includes all exchanges. Check your limit and limit reset date in 'Your plan' section. While you don’t have to, we recommend exchanging your money during the week to avoid weekend exchange fees.

  • Standard: 0.5% over 750,000 JPY
  • Premium, Metal: no exchange fees during the week

Weekend fees

All currency exchanges on weekends, between Saturday 6 am Summer or Saturday 7 am Winter and Monday 7 am Summer or Monday 8 am Winter, incur a 1% weekend fee. There is no discount for paid plan customers.

Cash withdrawal fees

  • Standard: 25000 JPY
  • Premium: 50000 JPY
  • Metal: 100000 JPY

A 2% or £1 fair usage fee applies thereafter.