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Cash withdrawal limits and fees

One time withdrawal limit

All your transactions are limited to 1 million JPY or equivalent per transaction. If you plan to withdraw more, please, divide it into more transactions.

Daily withdrawal limit

Cash withdrawals are limited to £3,000, or other currency equivalents, within 24 hours. 

Monthly withdrawal limit

You can set a monthly limit that controls the amount that can be spent or withdrawn using a specific card. Any transaction exceeding this limit will be declined.

How to set a card-specific limit

  1. Open our mobile app
  2. Tap the card icon in the top-right corner
  3. Choose a card
  4. Tap 'Settings'
  5. Tap 'Spending limit'
  6. Toggle the feature on and set limit

Follow these same steps to change or deactivate the monthly spending limit on a card.

Withdrawal fees

  • Standard: 25000 JPY
  • Premium: 50000 JPY
  • Metal: 100000 JPY

A 2% or £1 fair usage fee applies thereafter.

Exchange fees

Whether you convert money before you withdraw or if we convert it for you at the time of the withdrawal, you are subject to currency exchange and weekend fees.

Exchange fees will apply during the week if you exceed your fair usage allowance, and always on the weekend. Your fair usage allowance includes all currency, and commodity exchanges. Check your limit and limit reset date in 'Your plan' section.

Exchange fees per plan

  • Standard: 0.5% over 750,000 JPY
  • Premium, Metal: no exchange fees during the week

Weekend fees

All currency exchanges on weekends, between Saturday 6 am Summer or Saturday 7 am Winter and Monday 7 am Summer or Monday 8 am Winter, incur a 1% weekend fee. There is no discount for paid plan customers.

Non-Revolut fees

The ATM may have its own fees. These should be shown to you before you complete a withdrawal.

The ATM may also charge for exchanging money. This is why we recommend choosing to be charged in the local currency, so you can have better visibility and control over rates and fees directly in the Revolut app.

Credit Monetisation

Only funds added through a bank transfer can be used for ATM withdrawal. Your current monetisable balance can be checked by:

  1. Clicking on top right icon
  2. Head to 'Plan'
  3. And select 'Monetisatisable balance'