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How can I deposit cash to my Revolut account?

To access the Paysafecash top-up service in-app and deposit cash at the retailer:

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Select '+ Add Money'
  3. 'Change'
  4. 'Deposit cash'
  5. Add the cash amount you wish to deposit
  6. View the fee and select 'Generate barcode'
  7. Ask the cashier to scan your code
  8. Hand over your cash for them to deposit into the till
  9. Collect your receipt (you might need it if there are any issues with your top-up later) 

While depositing cash, please consider the following:

  • Each barcode is valid for 30 minutes, and will regenerate after this. If the barcode doesn't generate, please check your internet connection
  • On the 'How to deposit cash' screen in-app, take note of the deposit limit. Top-ups exceeding this limit will be blocked
  • If you experience issues with your top-up, you can refer to the Deposit instructions section on the barcode screen in-app. If that doesn’t work, select 'Report an issue'

If you change your mind, you can cancel your deposit by selecting 'Cancel deposit' on the barcode screen before handing your cash to the cashier to deposit.