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My automatic deposit didn’t trigger

The most common reasons why an auto top-up might not work as expected:

Expired card

You'll need to set up a new auto top-up using an eligible card. For more info, go to How do I set up auto top-up?

Auto top-up isn't as expected or has been deleted

To check your auto top-up:

  1. Go to your Hometab
  2. Tap Add money
  3. Tap the button below the amount to see your methods
  4. Select the i info button next to the card

If you see Add money automatically, there's no active auto top-up for this card.

If you see Adjust auto top-up, tap it to check your auto top-up is as you expect.

Not triggered by internal transfer

If your account balance falls below the minimum amount due to an internal transfer (such as currency exchange or adding money to a Pocket), this won't trigger your auto top-up.

Auto top-up failed

  1. From your Home tab, go to your transaction history
  2. Tap the failed deposit

Tap Get help at the bottom of the screen for specific troubleshooting steps.