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What is spousal consent, and why is it required for me to start investing?

If you're a citizen/tax resident of Lithuania, and are married, we'll need to obtain confirmation from your spouse that they're happy for you to continue stock trading.

This is a specific requirement set out in the Lithuanian Civil Code. As securities held with Revolut are considered the joint property of you and your spouse, the law requires you to obtain his/her consent to make any transactions related to investment products.

Your spouse will be able to give his/her consent in the Revolut app, or by following these instructions. There are other ways of satisfying this spousal consent requirement. You can also provide us with a prenuptial or post-marriage agreement determining the ownership rights of the spouse's financial instruments, a notarised Power of Attorney authorising you to enter into financial instrument transactions, or a valid proof of divorce (court decision/extract from local registers). These documents can be safely submitted to us via the in-app chat.