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My card payment was declined by the security system

If our security system declines a card payment, it is important that you review the transaction via "pop-up notification" OR "banner notification on home screen" and check whether you recognise it or not (if you have notifications disabled, please enable them on your phone). Your card will be frozen until you review the transaction (to unblock, go to the 'Cards' section (the card icon in the top right), select the card you'd like to use, and use the 'Unfreeze' button).

Upon review:

  • If you confirm that you recognise the payment, the card will be automatically unblocked, and, in most cases, our system shouldn't decline any future transactions. If you want the payment to go through, you need to make it again.
  • If you select that you don't recognise this payment, your card will be permanently terminated. You can order a new one selecting the card in the 'Cards' section (the card icon in the top right) → tapping on 'Settings' → 'Replace card'.
  • If you recognise the transaction but accidentally terminated your card, you can reactivate it within 30 days. Go to the 'Cards' section and press ‘Want to reactivate a terminated card?’.