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Cover for winter and extreme sports

The Travel Insurance policy will cover you, your spouse or cohabitant, and your children under 18 years old for most sports and activities while abroad. However, some are excluded due to their dangerous nature.

Some excluded sports are:

  • Any high-altitude activity, BASE jumping, or free climbing
  • Rafting/kayaking above Class V rapids or canoeing above Class III rapids
  • Heli-skiing or skiing or snowboarding in an area designated unsafe by the resort management
  • Personal combat or fighting sports, Running of the Bulls, or rodeo activities
  • Racing any motorised vehicle or watercraft other than go-karts
  • Free diving at a depth greater than 30 feet (10 meters), or scuba diving at a depth greater than 100 feet (30 meters). Or, for non-certified divers, diving without a certified dive master

Furthermore, there's No cover for:

  • Participating in or training for any professional or semi-professional sporting competition
  • Participating in or training for any amateur sporting competition while on their trip

For a full list of the sports covered, check the full policy wording in-app by going to the 'Lifestyle' → 'Insure' → 'Travel' → select a type → 'All Documents'.