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What are the requirements for 3 Purchases?

Your friend has to make 3 purchases that are:

  • Greater or equal to the minimum amount shown on the 'Referrals' screen. This amount is different depending on the referrer’s region;
  • Made before the deadline;
  • Not currency exchange transactions, transfers, gambling, or gift cards — they aren't considered valid purchases.

The invitee can make card payments:

  • With a virtual or physical card, online or in-store;
  • With Apple Pay or Google Pay;
  • Before or after ordering a physical card.

Purchases made with cards associated with Revolut Pro, Revolut <18, Revolut Business, or a Joint Account won't count.

Once the 3 qualifying purchases are made, this step will be ✅ marked in green in the app.

For T&Cs go to 'Referrals' main screen → scroll down → 'Terms & Conditions'.