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How can I set my team permissions?

You can give your team members access to your Business account with individual customised permissions. This will define what they can see and do within your account.

Here's how to set different user permissions or roles:

• From Home screen > open the Team tab

• Choose the team member you'd like to edit

• Select Role on the side menu

• Find the role assigned to the team member and click View next to it, or click '+' to create a new custom role

• Change permissions as needed (only possible for custom roles)

For example, you can provide read-only access to some team members, or let employees view their card spending. You can also set payment approval rules.

Default roles

You can also assign your team members one of four default roles available in-app. These roles have a fixed set of permissions so you don't have to manage your team members’ access manually:

Admin: full access to features and apps

Accountant: can perform financial operations

Member: restricted to their own cards and info

Viewer: read-only access to all features and apps

Note that:

• Default roles can’t be edited. If you want to customise your team members’ permissions, you need to assign them a custom role

• If you have a Freelancer account, you're not able to order a card for your team members.

Only account Owners, Admins, and team members with permission to add, manage, or remove team members can invite new team members and define their permissions.

Find out how to change the owner of the account here.