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How can I group team members into Departments?

You’ll need the ‘Manage team members’ permission to proceed.

To create and manage Teams:

  1. Go to 'Team' tab → 'Settings' → 'Departments'.
  2. Click '+New' to create a new department, or edit an existing one.
  3. Tap 'Manage team members' to edit the list of team members in that department.

You can also manage departments directly in a team member’s profile

1. Go to 'Team' tab → select a team member.

2. Select 'Department' in the side menu.

3. Assign them to a department or create a new one.

Important notes:

  • A team member can only be assigned to 1 department at a time

You can automate and sync department assignments of your team members by integrating with your HR software.