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What to do if I see a delayed (offline) card payment?

If you see a delayed transaction in-app, follow these steps:

  • Check previous transactions: start by reviewing your transaction history to see if you previously made a payment to the same merchant. Sometimes, a merchant will retry a transaction that didn’t work at a later time. If it’s successful, you’ll see the earlier, reverted transaction and the successful transaction in-app
  • Watch for duplicate charges: offline payments can sometimes cause duplicate transactions, and merchants may mistakenly charge you twice for a single transaction. To report unrecognised or incorrect charges, select the payment in your transaction history and tap on 'Get help'

What if a delayed transaction caused my balance to go negative?

Most likely, the negative balance is caused by the original transaction being in a pending state. The pending payment should be sent back to your account within a few hours or days and your balance should adjust. You can check when the transaction is due to be sent back in-app by tapping on the transaction in your transaction history and checking its status.