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Issues getting a refund

Refund is 'waiting for funds', declined, or reverted

Once we are notified of a refund, it will show as 'waiting for funds'. It can take up to 5 days for the merchant to process the refund and for it to reflect in your account.

If your refund was declined or reverted, reach out to the merchant for an explanation and request them to re-process the refund.

I want a refund

Contact the merchant

If you would like a refund, contact the merchant first. This is the fastest way to reach a resolution and may be a required step if you end up raising a dispute later.

Raise a dispute

If your card was compromised or the merchant does not provide a refund, read instructions on how to dispute a transaction in this FAQ.

Refunds on inactive or disposable virtual cards

In case you are expecting a refund, we can process it regardless of the card's status. In most cases, you won’t need to do anything.

If the merchant requires you to present a card, inform them that the card is no longer active and provide an active Revolut card.

Refund is missing from my app

Refunds may not always appear as expected in your app, making them harder to find. Contact the merchant and ask for some key details which should help you locate the refund in your transaction history. Some questions you can ask the merchant are:

  • Did they refund you or revert the original transaction? A refund is a new transaction, while a reverted payment will still display as the original transaction in your app
  • How does the merchant or business name appear for refunds? 
  • How long should it take for the merchant to process your refund or reverted payment? 

Finding out these details will make it easier for you to search through your transactions for the refund or reverted payment.