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Documents for the source of funds verification

The accepted documents can vary depending on your source of income.

Accepted documents

Employment income (salary, bonus, pension)

  • Tax return statement or tax declaration
  • Recent payslip(s) or pension slip(s) issued within the last 12 months
  • Bank transfer confirming the receipt of income, clearly showing the employer's name in the 'Sender' or 'Description' field
  • Letter from employer confirming salary
  • Work contract, dated and signed by employer and employee, stating the duration of employment, the salary and/or additional benefits

Employment income (freelancer or self-employed)

  • Invoices dated within the last 12 months, clearly showing your full name, address, and VAT number
  • Contracts for services provided as a freelancer, dated and signed by both parties, stating the duration of the agreement, payment terms and/or additional benefits

Investment income

  • Dividends statement/certificate/voucher clearly showing the amount and your position (you must be a director or shareholder)
  • Bank statement reflecting credit of amount from a particular source

Sale of financial assets

  • Statement from investment the manager or provider
  • Investment certificate or portfolio confirming the the sale of shares and withdrawal of money
  • Tax declaration

Sale of property

  • Signed letter from the solicitor
  • Copy of contract of sale 
  • Tax declaration
  • Real estate title deed, showing the transfer from the previous owner to the new owner, the amount, and the date
  • Signed letter from the estate agent


  • Grant of probate (with a copy of the will), which includes the value of the estate
  • Bank statement showing the receipt of the funds and current account balance

Both documents must be provided.

Legal settlement

  • Court order
  • Written confirmation of settlement signed by the advocate or solicitor
  • Bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds and current account balance

All three documents must be provided.


Proof of transfer from the donor is required, as well as the full name of the donor and relationship.

Gaming wins

  • Statement of deposit/win/withdrawal from gambling platform and corresponding bank statement (if the transfer isn't directly to Revolut)
  • Evidence of the wins and withdrawals from the used platforms or the organised tournaments for the specified timeframe. Along with the evidence, please also provide corresponding bank statement clearly showing receipt of funds and current account balance