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Exchange rate for my ATM withdrawal is wrong

Exchange rates are determined based on the foreign exchange market data feeds that we get from a range of different independent sources.

If the exchange rate appears incorrect, it might be because:

1. The ATM provider charged you in your base currency, and applied their own foreign exchange rates/fees. For this reason, even though you had the currency you wanted to withdraw in your account, you were deducted from the main currency (this is called Dynamic Currency Conversion or DCC. To read more about it, check this FAQ).

2. You might have exceeded your ATM withdrawal fair usage limit. Depending on your plan, you'll have an allowance for ATM withdrawals, always double-check that the ATM provider won't apply any fees from their end before completing the withdrawal, as these fees will not be covered by your plan.

3. If a currency exchange happened during the withdrawal, and you have the Standard and Plus, you might have exceeded your monthly fair usage limit. To verify your current allowance and when the limit is resetting, check 'Your plan' section in your profile.

On currencies you can't hold with Revolut, the exchange will be done automatically at the moment of the transaction. In these cases, it's not possible to review the exchange rate before making these withdrawals. You can check the estimated rates by visiting our exchange calculator, but note that rates are always changing, and they might be slightly different from the ones you see on the page.