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How is my wallet balance calculated?

If you're holding on to multiple currencies beyond SGD (e.g. GBP, USD), Revolut will convert the non-SGD currencies at the real-time exchange rate to determine your total balance in SGD.

If you've set up an external account, you'll be able to hold more than S$5,000 or foreign currencies equivalent in your wallet balance.

For example, if you have S$4000 SGD and £1000, when the exchange rate is 1 GBP = 1.70 SGD, your total GBP is worth S$1,700. As such, you would've exceeded the wallet balance restriction of S$5,000. At the end of the day (between 11:30 pm and 11:59 pm), any balance over the regulatory limit of S$5,000 or foreign currency equivalent will be transferred automatically to your external account.

If you hold balances in foreign currencies, we may have to convert them back to SGD before transferring them to your external account. If you want to prevent your balances from being automatically converted and transferred out, please keep your end-of-day balance at no more than S$5,000.

If you haven't set up an external account, your wallet balance will be subjected to a limit of S$5,000 or foreign currencies equivalent.