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Card deposit limits and fees

Card deposit limits

Our automated system sets a daily card top-up limit for all customers, which resets on a rolling 24-hour basis. For security reasons, we can't disclose those limits, but they gradually get adjusted as you continue using your account and build up your financial history with us. These limits work the same for all Revolut plans.

There is also a minimum amount of £10 per top-up.

Fees for card deposits

Revolut fees

Any fees we apply will always be visible to you before you add money to your account. These same fees apply when adding money with Apple Pay or Google Pay. 

Fees apply for the following card types:

  • Business and commercial cards
  • Cards issued outside the EEA or UK
  • Swiss-issued cards incur a processing fee for Standard plan customers. You can upgrade to one of our paid plans to enable fee-free top-ups with Swiss cards. Fees for the other card types apply to all price plans.

Your account's first top-up will be free from fees, regardless of the card type.

Here's a list of alternative methods Revolut doesn't charge fees for:

Non-Revolut fees

Revolut has no control or visibility over the fees your bank may charge when you use a card issued by them to top up. Some banks may charge you if your card deposit is recognised as a cash withdrawal or advance, international transfer, or a transfer in another currency.