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How do I request money from another Revolut user?

To request money from other Revolut users, go to the 'Transfers' section and select a contact with an 'R' next to their name. Tap 'Request' → choose the currency (Fiat, Crypto, or Commodity) and the amount → Add a note or GIF if desired → tap ‘Request’ again.

If the recipient doesn't show up in the list as a friend, you can try one of the following options:

  • Add them as a contact: Tap on '+ New' in the top right corner, select 'Contact', fill out the details (always include country codes when adding phone numbers) and tap 'Add'.
  • Use their Revtag: Tap on the search bar and type the recipient's Revtag.
  • Use a QR code: Tap on the QR code scanner in the search bar to open the scanner. Ask your friend to do the same, but tap on 'My code' to reveal their QR.