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How do I top up my account with cash at WHSmith?

At WHSmith, you're required to use the self-checkout tills for cash deposits to your Revolut account.

Follow the regular flow to generate the barcode in-app and then follow these steps when at the WHSmith self-checkout:

  1. Tap 'Start'
  2. Select 'Paysafe', or use the search menu to look it up
  3. Select Paysafecash (not Paysafecard, which is a different product)
  4. Scan or key in your barcode
  5. Input the cash into the machine
  6. Collect your receipt

You can only complete a Paysafecash top-up at the WHSmith self-checkout if you don't have other items in the basket.

If you're having trouble completing the deposit, you can ask the retailer’s staff for support.