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My automatic deposit didn’t trigger

The most common reasons why an automatic deposit might not work as expected:

Expired card

You'll need to set up a new automatic deposit using an eligible card. For more info, go to How do I set up auto top-up?

Automatic deposit isn't as expected or has been deleted

To check your automatic deposit:

  1. Go to your Home tab
  2. Tap 'Add money'
  3. Tap the button below the amount to see your methods
  4. Select the "i" info button next to the card

If you see Add money automatically, there's no active automatic deposit for this card.

If you see Adjust automatic deposit, tap it to check your automatic deposit is as you expect.

Not triggered by internal transfer

If your account balance falls below the minimum amount due to an internal transfer (such as currency exchange or adding money to a Pocket), this won't trigger your automatic deposit.

Automatic deposit failed

  1. From your Home tab, go to your transaction history
  2. Tap the failed deposit

Tap Get help at the bottom of the screen for specific troubleshooting steps.