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Add money with a card

How to add money with a card

  1. From your 'Home' screen, tap 'Add money'
  2. Set the currency to your card's local currency
  3. Enter the deposit amount
  4. Tap 'Change'
  5. Select a saved card, or tap 'Debit card'. If you want to add another card, tap on 'Add card securely'
  6. Follow the prompts and tap 'Add money securely'

If you need the money you've added in another currency, you can exchange it in-app after you have topped up.

We don't support deposits from all cards, countries, and currencies. You can learn more in this FAQ.

For card deposit limits and fees, go to this article

Difficulty with a card deposit

For help with your deposit, simply tap the deposit in your transactions and select 'Get help'.

If your card information is incorrect or outdated, tap the info icon next to a saved card to delete the card. Then follow the steps to add money with a card.

For more help with a card deposit, visit this FAQ.