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What happens if my balance goes negative?

Possible reasons for a negative balance.

  • An authorisation payment amount was less than the final amount of the transaction (public transportation, a hotel or car rental damage deposit).
  • A delayed card payment (a merchant couldn't process the transaction due to late connection or connection issues, ex. payments on airplane), for more information check this FAQ.
  • Fees for Revolut plan subscription.
  • A card top-up return initiated by your bank on your request. This may happen if you don't recognise a top-up and ask your bank to return funds.
  • Withdraw or spend the funds added to your account by us in error.

Which transaction caused a negative balance?

  • Go to your transaction history → review all your transactions on each currency account.
  • If you don’t recognise a transaction that caused a negative balance in your account, please refer to this FAQ.

What happens if my account balance drops below zero?

We'll try to fix the negative balance from your other currency pockets. If that's not enough, we'll request that you add money to your account the next day. After 7 days, we'll initiate our collection processes as outlined in our Terms & Conditions.

What if I leave my account with a negative balance?

We may report it to debt registries, fraud prevention agencies, and debt collection agencies, which could impact your financial prospects. Contact us if you're having difficulties.