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How do branch migrations affect joint accounts?

Local branch migrations

Once your joint account with Revolut is migrated, the associated Lithuanian IBAN will change to a local one automatically. This will result in local IBANs being issued for both your personal and joint accounts. Should you prefer not to migrate, please close your account beforehand.

Branch consistency for joint account holders

Both account owners must belong to the same entity or branch. While we may not migrate all customers simultaneously, the process is ongoing for all eligible customers. If you’re looking to open a joint account with someone already under the local branch, please wait until your account is migrated.

Branch migration impact on previous IBAN

Your old IBAN will temporarily function for recurring payments and Direct Debits that are already established. However, manual sending and receiving of funds using the old IBAN is no longer possible. If your joint account is used for such transactions, please update your payment details as soon as possible to avoid service disruptions.