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Kárigény benyújtásához szükséges dokumentumok

Supporting documents

Depending on the type of claim you’re raising, you may need to provide the following documents to support your claim. 

Trip delays, cancellation or curtailment

  • Confirmation letter from carrier with date, cause, and duration of delay
  • Medical certificate for cancellations due to illness or COVID-19

Baggage loss, theft, damage or delay

  • Police or incident report(s)
  • Receipts for lost, stolen, or damaged items
  • Repair quote(s)
  • Baggage receipt/delivery confirmation

Loss and theft of travel documents

  • Incident report/receipt from embassy, consulate, or relevant authority
  • Police or incident report(s)

Medical expenses

  • Medical certificate(s) and receipts
  • Proof of emergency expenses

Car Hire Excess

  • Copy of rental agreement
  • Photo of driving licence
  • Card statement with final rental company charges
  • Written correspondence with rental company
  • Final invoice from rental company
  • Police report if applicable
  • Details of other parties