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Il mio conto è soggetto a restrizioni

If your account is temporarily restricted, we’ll let you know in-app or by reaching out via email. To speed up the reinstatement process, please reply to our messages and provide the necessary information in-app as soon as possible. You can also take proactive measures like:

  • Keeping your identity documents up to date
  • Reviewing our T&Cs

My account has been restricted

Your account can be temporarily restricted for various reasons. For example, you may need to:

  • Take some additional account protection steps to secure your money
  • Upload additional documents or information to verify your identity. You can read more about submitting documents in these FAQs in our Help section
  • Verify your source of funds. You can read more in this FAQ
  • Update your tax information. For details and steps, visit this FAQ

Reinstatement steps

If your account has been temporarily restricted, we recommend:

  • Following the in-app prompts to provide any missing information
  • Making sure any uploaded documents are clear, valid, and not expired
  • Having recent transaction documents ready for potential verification

For more information and troubleshooting steps, you can visit these FAQs.