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How can I invite new team members?

You can invite as many team members as you want to your Revolut Business account. Automate this process by integrating with your HR software, or by following the steps below:

  1. Make sure you have the ‘Manage team members’ permission to proceed.
  2. Go to TeamInvite
  3. Enter the email addresses of members you want to send invitations to (email addresses must not be registered with any other Revolut Business account — see this article if you receive an error).
  4. Choose invitees’ roles to manage their permissions.
  5. Optionally assign your invitees a card and spend controls.
  6. Team members will then receive an email inviting them to your account.

Important notes:

  • There can be only 1 ‘Owner’ per account, but ‘Admin’ role also provides additional team members full access to the Revolut Business account. 
  • To transfer ownership of the account to another team member, follow these steps.
  • You can always revoke team members’ accesses: go to HomeTeam → select a profile → choose to temporarily Suspend them or to permanently Delete them.
  • Depending on assigned permissions, invitees may need identity verification. See more details about how to complete identity verification.