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How do I edit a team member’s access to a currency account?

To add or remove access to specific currency accounts for other team members, please follow these steps:

  • Go to the Dashboard → select the specific account → click the three dots (...) → ‘Account settings’
  • Choose the ‘Account access’ option → ‘Manage’
  • Select or unselect a team member’s name → click ‘Update’ to save the changes

You can also go to a specific team member’s profile, and follow these steps:

  • Go to the Team tab → select a team member
  • Click ‘Accounts’ → ‘Manage’
  • Toggle on/off access to specific accounts → click ‘Update’ to save the changes

To add or remove a team member from a currency account, you’ll need to have permission to ‘add, remove and manage all accounts, including team member access’ as well as to ‘view all team members on your account and their permissions'.