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Opłaty za wypłatę gotówki z bankomatu

ATM withdrawals with Revolut incur no charges from us if you are within your plan limits.

Fees may be charged due to:

  • The ATM withdrawal limit of your current price plan was exceeded. Track remaining allowance in the 'Profile' section
  • You exceeded conversion limits and withdrew from an ATM in a currency you don’t hold in your wallet; this will involve a conversion, and fees might apply.
  • ATM owners charge you an access fee for using their machines. The ATM owner defines this fee amount
  • ATMs may offer non-local currency withdrawals, especially when abroad. Choosing this option may incur an unfavourable exchange rate and additional fee due to dynamic currency conversion (DCC). This may also impact the overall withdrawal amount and an additional fee might be applied

ATM withdrawal limit resets on a rolling monthly basis. This means that your limit will reset exactly one month from the day your current price plan started.