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Exchange rate

Revolut offers competitive rates for currency exchange. These variable rates are set based on data from multiple independent sources.

How to check the exchange rate

You can view the current currency exchange rates on our website or within the Revolut app:

  1. Go to 'Home' on the bottom menu
  2. Scroll down until you see 'Add widgets' or 'Widgets' (if they're already activated)
  3. Click 'Add widgets' or the plus (+) symbol
  4. Scroll down and click 'Rates'
  5. Choose the size of the widget and click on 'Edit widget' to add preferred currencies and confirm
  6. Tap on 'Add widget' and you'll see the new widget in your 'Home' page
  7. You'll be able to add more currencies, by tapping on 'Rates' and 'Add to watchlist'

Why are the buy and sell prices different?

It's normal that the sell and buy prices are different. The difference between the two rates is called a spread.

The rate and potential fees can be reviewed before completing an exchange from the app or when sending a transfer. Check out this FAQ for a full breakdown of exchange fees.