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O que é o cashback de um plano pago?

Cashback is an exclusive feature for Metal and Ultra plan customers, that allows you to make money back from eligible card payments. You can earn this cashback using both physical and virtual cards.

The percentage of cashback you can earn from a transaction depends on where the merchant is based, which may be different from where you were based when you made the payment. For example, if you buy something online from a merchant in another country. Once the payment is complete, you’ll receive your cashback.

An update on the replacement of cashback with RevPoints in your region

Based on feedback from our Metal and Ultra customers, we decided to remove plan cashback as a benefit and offer a boost in RevPoints instead. Cashback will remain active while we transition to this new RevPoints initiative, but, once the notice period for this transition is over, cashback will be unavailable and replaced by RevPoints instead.

About RevPoints

Can be earned with Metal and Ultra card spend and is a feature that’s already enjoyed by many Metal and Ultra customers.

The value of this boost in RevPoints, and what you can get once you redeem them, exceeds the value that our cashback feature previously offered. Unlike cashback, there’s no limit on the amount of RevPoints you can earn. 

We believe you'll be able to enjoy much more value from your Revolut plan with this new loyalty initiative. To start using RevPoints, you’ll need to sign up. To find out more about our RevPoints loyalty programme, and how to get started, please visit the RevPoints FAQ section in our Help Centre.