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How do I set up card presets for my team members?

Spend controls presets allow you to apply the same spend controls to multiple cards.

For example, your company can offer an allowance for all new joiners. To do that you'd need to create a preset called 'New Joiners' and set for it an all-time allowance of 200 GBP. Any card connected to that preset will automatically get the 200 GBP limit.

To create a new preset:

  • Go to the Home screen and open the Cards tab
  • Click Manage spend controls (if using mobile app - click three dots button (...))
  • Select +New and follow instructions on screen

To link a card to a preset:

  • Go to 'Home' and open the Cards tab
  • Select a single card
  • Click See all in the Spend controls widget
  • Select Change and choose the desired preset

You can edit presets from two places: the Manage spend controls screen or the card's Spend controls screen. When editing spend controls from within card details, you'll have two options:

1. Save the change to preset and update it for all other cards linked to it

2. Save the change for that card only and unlink this card from the preset

Note: only admins can manage and edit spend controls presets.