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Why am I not earning interest every day on my deposit?

You'll collect interest on your deposits every day after the settlement takes place. However, if your net interest for that day is less than 0.01 RON, it won't be paid to you until the cumulative interest exceeds that amount.

Let's take a hypothetical example with a constant balance of of 3 RON and 1.5% p.a., compounded daily. To keep things simple, we won't take tax calculations into account.

Day 1: Interest earned = 3 x 1.5% / 365 = 0.004 RON. Since the interest earned on Day 1 (0.004) is less than 0.01, it won't be paid out yet.

Day 2: The interest earned on Day 2 + Day 1 (0.008) is still less than 0.01, so it won't be paid out yet.

Day 3: The interest earned for Day 1 + Day 2 + Day 3 (0.012) exceeds 0.01 RON, so it'll be paid out and added to your balance.

From Day 4 onwards, the same process will continue.