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Link an external account to my Revolut app

How to link your account

  1. Select 'Add Money' from the home screen 
  2. You may have to tap 'Change' button to select the top-up option
  3. Select 'Connect new bank account' or 'Link bank account'
  4. Choose one of the six banks to link your account to
  5. You'll then be redirected to the bank's login page to authorise the set-up

Once authorisation has been confirmed with the bank, you'll be redirected to the Revolut app.

Once successfully linked, you can top up directly from your bank in-app. You only need to link your bank account once, and all bank top-ups will be done instantly. Revolut won’t debit your account without your instruction.

At the end of your day, your wallet must be less than S$20,000 due to the Payment Services Act. Find out more about Payment Services act in this article.