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All about Early Paycheck

What is Early Paycheck, and how do I set it up?

With Early Paycheck, you can receive your funds up to two days in advance.

We’ve built a tool to let your employer know you want to get paid into Revolut. Simply:

  • Open the Revolut app
  • Tap 'Add Money' → Change → Direct Deposit
  • We’ll generate an email for you to send to your employer
  • Add in their email, and hit send!

Alternatively, you can provide your Revolut account and routing numbers directly to your employer, or use our employer finder to set up Early Paycheck automatically by following these steps:

  • Tap 'Add money' → Change → Direct deposit
  • Find your employer or payroll provider
  • Log in to your payroll platform by entering your login details in the Revolut app
  • That’s it! Your paycheck will be deposited directly into your Revolut account within 1-2 pay cycles

Once your Early salary payment is set up, you don't have to lift a finger. We'll get your money to you up to two days early automatically.

When will I get the early payment?

The timing of funds posting may be impacted by how or when your payer sends their transaction to the ACH network, or how the ACH network notifies Revolut of when your funds should arrive.

For example, if your employer sends your payroll to the ACH network on Wednesday for the payment to arrive Friday, Revolut may be able to post the funds to your account on Wednesday. However, if your employer sends your payroll to the ACH network on Thursday for your payment to arrive Friday, Revolut will only be able to post the funds to your account on Thursday at the earliest.

Are there any fees associated with early payment?

The money's all yours – we won't take a penny for advancing your payment. 

Are there any limits for the amount I can receive?

One transfer top-up can’t exceed 100,000 USD.

I have not received my direct deposit or salary early

Revolut may be able to post funds up to two days early, however, for the most part, early posting depends on the payroll provider or company issuing the paycheck.

If the provider submitted your paycheck at a different time this month than last, you will see the paycheck appear at a different time than the previous month. Revolut can not control or guarantee that funds will be posted early.

Can I get a voided check from Revolut?

You can download a PDF copy of a voided check by opening the Direct Deposit details screen, tapping 'View Direct Deposit form', and selecting 'Share Direct Deposit form'.