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How do I upload a selfie?

Selfie is one of the requirements to complete your verification for having a fully functional account.

The selfie must be a live-picture (not a picture of a picture/picture from gallery/scan) and it should be taken by yourself without visibility of other people on it, as well as without the help of other people.

Follow these steps when taking a selfie:

  • Find good lighting, remove anything covering your face (e.g. glasses, or a hat) and ensure, that you are the only person in the image;
  • Approve access to your camera
  • Move your face into the oval in the middle of the screen and wait till the oval will turn on green
  • Press the image capture button to take an image (in some cases the photo will be taken automatically)
  • Verify if the selfie requirements are met
  • Press confirm and continue the sign-up process