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Reasons an Investment account may be closed

We may need to suspend or close your Investment account in a few different scenarios.

Possible reasons for account closure or suspension

Breach of our T&C's

For example, if we become aware that you've breached our Trading agreement, we may suspend or terminate your account on a temporary or permanent basis.

Insufficient Information

If you don't provide the information we need to comply with our regulatory reporting requirements, we may temporarily restrict — or even close — your Investment account.

Unsupported country 

If the country where you're living is in a jurisdiction that our trading entity is unable to provide trading services to, we'll have to close your Investment account. To find out which of our entities is providing you with services, take a look at this FAQ.

For more information, please check our Trading terms:

Account closure process

If we decide to close your Investment account, you'll have 60 days to close any open positions you may have, and close the account. If your Investment account isn't closed within the 60-day notice period, we'll have to close it for you.

If you have any open positions, they'll be liquidated and cash will be delivered back into your main Revolut account (once the orders have settled). Check this FAQ to learn more about settlement process and its regular timeframes.

If you would like to close your Investment account yourself, read this FAQ.