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I’ve changed my mind, how do I cancel my credit agreement?

The law provides for a cooling-off period of 2 calendar days, during which the consumer credit agreement can be terminated for any reason without paying any interest and any other charges. This applies to personal loans and credit limit.

For Loans:

You'll need to return the full credit amount received in-app within 2 days of credit disbursement. You can do that by using the loan repayment feature in your loans management screen, in the app. Tap on 'Repay' in your loan management screen to pay off your loan in full.

For Credit Limit:

If you decide to cancel the credit agreement within 2 days of credit disbursement, you'll firstly need to pay off the credit balance you've already used (if any). You can repay the balance of your credit limit at any time. Tap on 'Repay' in your credit limit management screen to repay all your used credit limit.

If you want to cancel your credit limit, this can be done via in-app chat.

Removing or deleting your credit card from the app won't count as agreement cancellation.

If you decide to terminate the consumer credit agreement within the first 14 calendar days of credit disbursement, you'll need to return the disbursed loan or used credit limit in full together with any applicable interest as per repayment terms mentioned above.

We will not charge any fees or charges for early credit agreement cancellation.