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What is a marketplace scam?

Recently, there's been a rise in scammers buying items on various online marketplaces, like Vinted, Facebook, eBay, and OLX. These scammers pretend to be interested buyers, engaging sellers through messages or emails. To deceive sellers, they provide fake payment links leading victims to input their card details on a deceptive webpage. This grants scammers unauthorised access to the seller's confidential card information. Always stay vigilant to protect your personal details and make sure your online transactions are secure.

What can I do to avoid marketplace scams?

  1. Exercise caution when buying from online marketplaces.
  2. Never enter your card details following a link sent by an unknown person.
  3. Always use your IBAN or account number and sort code as a secure method of receiving payments.
  4. Customise your card's security settings to match your transaction needs. For example, you can enable and disable online transactions at any time.

Never enter your bank or card details on an untrustworthy website. This includes your online banking password and your card PIN.

What can I do if I've fallen victim to a scam?

  1. Stop communication with the fraudster.
  2. Contact us immediately via the in-app chat.
  3. Recommended: report the matter to a regulatory institution. You can find some useful contacts in this FAQ in our Help Centre.