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Why has my transfer failed?

We understand failed transfers can be frustrating, and there's a few reasons why this may have happened. To see the reason for the transfer failure, select your transfer from your transactions list.

Some of the most common failure reasons include:

  • The transfer was sent to an unsupported country or currency
  • You may have used incorrect recipient’s details
  • You may have exceeded transfer limits
  • You can't transfer money to your own account – use currency Exchange instead
  • You may not have your identity verification completed, and all ID documents are valid to-date
  • Account owner hasn't answered our compliance request or chat in time, so we had to reject the transfer
  • You may have insufficient profile permissions to make a transfer from the selected currency account
  • The beneficiary bank has rejected the funds. In which case, ask the recipient to contact their bank directly for more information
  • We've had to limit your account due to ongoing review

If you're receiving notifications about a failed transfer, go to Payments section → Transfers tab → scroll down to see Failed transfers and select the transfer → then click Retry to submit the transfer again or select Delete to remove the transfer from Failed list.