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Issues with my card PIN

A PIN code is a 4-digit number used to authorise transactions at ATMs and payment terminals. If needed, you can change your PIN at any ATM with the 'PIN services' feature. To learn more about changing PINs, you can visit this FAQ page. Please remember, your 4-digit card PIN is different from your Revolut app’s 6-digit passcode.

Transaction declined

To see why your transaction was declined and the relevant troubleshooting steps, simply tap it in your in-app transactions.

PIN attempts exceeded

If you’ve exceeded your PIN attempts, you can unblock your card in-app: 

  1. From the 'Home' screen, tap the card icon in the top-right corner
  2. Select the card you need to unblock
  3. Tap 'Settings'
  4. Select 'Unblock PIN/CVV'

View your card PIN by tapping 'View PIN'

Activate your card

To activate your card, visit an ATM with the ‘PIN services’ feature and make a chip and PIN transaction to fully unblock your card for in-store payments. 

If you still can’t use your card after following the above steps, you can reach out to Revolut Support via the in-app chat.